How we do Sand Painting!

First of all, we assemble different types of sand all over the country on land and sea to create the portrait all out of natural sand.

These portraits could be Landscapes, Calligraphy works, Logos, Particular architectures, Art forms, Religious themes. Especially, human face portraits are the most complicated and difficult art works to make, because they require the exact a likeness between the portrait and the person portrayed, the liveliness of the portrait.

 So basically, we are recreating photographs using painted sand of different colors. The skill and precision to make these pieces is nothing short of mind-boggling, especially when you know that we are only using a small spoon to scoop the sand into the container and pointy stick to start moving the sand to desired shape into glass container, and years of practice to create some of the most mesmerizing artwork ever. 

Sand Portrait

 We don’t use glue to keep the sand in place. It is done by pressing the sand during the making process and securing the top with silicon.

Natural sand however cannot create vibrant colors due to rareness of sand colors. The sand can be died to different shades to create better color effects. There are around 81 different sand colors used at our studio today with 65 natural sand colors found. 

The glass container can be for example an oval of 30 x 40cm, or a bottle, rectangle. You can order your own sand painting from our website. All you need to do is to send the a picture that you desire to be sand made via your order. It could be a family photo, your baby, your pet or your own picture taken with the background which can be changed into some of your favorite landscape.

Sand Art | Sand Painting | Sand Portrait

It's a beautiful, worthy gift and very unique present item, which makes everyone amazed by looking at it. 

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