On what size do you make sand portrait/artwork?

We can work on any size as per the demand (small, medium, large or custom sized). Prices will vary with the size.

What kind of photograph you need to make a sand portrait/artwork?

We prefer a soft copy of the photograph uploaded on our website (or email it to us at while placing the order, preferably the original image taken with a good camera. One image is mandatory. To create your sand artworks we need a good face shot of the subjects, a better look at the details will help our artists add that extra edge to the creations. Generally, 2-3 photos of the subject give our artists enough to work from. Please make sure the photos are of good resolution/quality so that we can get the finest of the details correct.

How many days does it take to deliver?

We have 1 option for delivery:
Express Delivery- This will take Express Shipping (4-6 Business Days).

Is my payment safe?

Our payment gateway partner is PayPal which is one of the world’s leading and safest payment gateways for international transactions.We assure 100% safety for your payments and card details.

Can I view the artwork before you ship it?

Absolutely! You will receive pictures and one video of complete process.

I have an upcoming event. Can you deliver my sand portrait/artwork by a specific date?

Please notify us regarding your deadline so that we can accommodate your request! We will ensure that your portrait is created with the utmost quality and delivered before your specified date.

Can I order a portrait as a gift for someone in a different location?Are gift options available?

To order an artwork as a gift, enter the request along with the message that you want to be sent in the comment box while placing the order and the recipient’s address during checkout.

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide, all the countries. Just if you live in a remote area, please give a few more days for the shipping.

Are there any hidden costs, service tax or hidden charges?

No! What you see is what you pay!

Can I order a custom size? What will the price be?

Yes, you can order a custom size. To do this, email your size preferences at 

Can I merge different photos to make a custom painting?

Of course, simply upload clear photos during the order process and we will take care of incorporation in the masterpiece. 

Can you work from a traditional photo paper?

Yes! You can either mail them to us, or you can scan them and e-mail them to

Can I choose a background for my painting?

Yes, you can! We do it at no extra cost. If you would like us to pick a suitable background, we are happy to do so or alternatively, you can send in another photo as background. When you place your order, you will see a comment text box which allows you to let us know of any changes you wish to have done to your photo including the background.