About Us

We Turn Your Photo Into a Sand Painting

What is SandAndArt ?

SandAndArt is a studio dedicated to the highly-specialized art of creating lasting images and memories using nothing but colored sand and we are able to customize existing images to create a unique piece of art to commemorate any special occasion. Most of our artisans have little formal education and come from impoverished backgrounds and we train them in a marketable skill so that they can support their families and communities while regaining the dignity of artistic expression. Many of our original artists have become teachers to the next generation in our growing studio and we pride ourselves on creating a sustainable art-form and business that helps develop people while providing the highest level of service to our customers. Our paintings are created using nothing but various colored sand and we currently have 81 individual colors to choose from and can create even more by blending existing colors. These tiny grains of Grade A sand are painstakingly packed down into a desired vessel (often decorative frames or collector’s jars) using simple tools such as a small scoop, funnel and a stick to move the sand within the frame until we achieve the desired image.

This simple technique requires years of practice and a steady hand, coupled with a keen eye for detail. Once the image is complete, we seal the vessel with silicon to ensure the sand stays in place and the image becomes fixed and permanent. No glue, adhesives or binders are used in this process so it requires great skill to pack down the sand to a desired consistency so it doesn't shift over time. Unlike many factory workshops, Sand and Art Studio believes that developing our artists has direct impact on the quality of our final pieces and we are honored to know that employing our staff not only allows them to express themselves artistically, but has real and noticeable economic impact on their families and communities. When you buy a piece of art from us you are helping support these wonderful artists by giving them a chance to show their skills worldwide. Please visit our store (GALLERY) to see some of our previous orders or send us your photo to turn it into a Sand Painting to create a permanent memento to mark any special person or occasion while supporting artistic endeavors in the developing world.

What Solution Do We Offer?

With just one photo of literally anything, we deliver its genuine handmade sand painting made at our studio to anywhere in the world!

We offer paintings in sand bottles and glass-frames with different shapes . 


Why Our Clients Love Us!

In the journey of creating SandAndArt we did not just create a service which delivers sand paintings but rather an experience which lasts till the last breath!

We look forward to serving you with mesmerizing sand portraits which make your memories live forever!

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