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SandAndArt.Studio's affiliate program is designed to help quickly launch your affiliate promotion . We 
handle the heavy lifting for you so that you can focus on building partnerships with bloggers, all social media platforms, large Instagram influencers and so on.

We make it easy to generate EXTRA INCOME by just placing your custom affiliate link on any of your Facebook pages, Instagram accounts or anywhere that has to do with :

    • Valentine’s Day
    • Christmas
    • Pets (Dogs, Cats, Horses)
    • Mother’s / Father’s Day
    • Weddings or Anniversaries
    • Gifting
    • Babies / Children
    • Memorials
    • Home Decor

Basically anywhere helping people to have and to know about this unique art.

Offer: Earn 12% Commission on all sales referred!

You are welcome to utilize our logo, images and videos.

Commissions are not paid on taxes, shipping, refunds
or discounts and are only paid on the net product sold. Only Partners who have
an active PayPal account are eligible for payment. SandAndArt.Studio does not issue checks.

SandAndArt.Studio  is home to the most beautiful, handmade Sand Portraits in the world.  We at SandAndArt turns your favorite

 and most beloved images and photographs into original hand-painted Sand Portraits and deliver worldwide. 

Our Sand Portraits are usually ordered as unique personalized gifts for anniversaries, birthdays and weddings in order to preserve special moments, cherish family members or pets. A unique Sand Portrait like ours is custom-made and hand-painted. Our art is original and 100% hand-painted. 

1. Up to 12% Commissions 
2. $200 Average Order Value 
3. 60 Day Cookie 
4. Regular Promo Codes + seasonal promotions 
5. Regularly updated banners and text links 
6. Worldwide service and free delivery 
7. 100% Money Back Guarantee

Our affiliate program allows you to share with your friends, family, and customers the best tasting and memorable gifts available today!