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 We only use Grade A sand, the finest grain available, to enable our artists to capture minute details and ensure the integrity and stability of our paintings so they last forever. All our sand is carefully washed, graded and purified before we begin paining and we currently have 81 distinct colors from which artists can choose to capture every detail of the original image.

The final appearance of a sand painting depends on the container used – the most common type is a glass frame made by connecting two glass panes with space in between for the colored sand. However, sand paintings can also be made in any transparent container, such as crystal jars and squares.

Tiny scoops and a sharp stick are the only tools used to create a sand painting. The former are used to slowly put the sand into the frame. This is a painstaking process that takes immense concentration and patience. Unlike regular painting, where it’s always possible to cover up a mistake with a darker color, sand painting is frustratingly unforgiving, and one wrong move can ruin the whole work.

Custom Sand Painting | Sand Art

Our beginner artists often make an outline of the painting on the glass surface to guide their work, but accomplished sand painters usually just use their imagination, experience, and instinct to finish the whole piece. While working, small adjustments can be made with a sharp stick, but it’s mainly used to pack down the colored sand when it’s in the desired position.

Depending on the size of the painting and its complexity, it can take anywhere from a day to three weeks to finish a piece. The end quality of the painting depends on two factors: the artist’s talent and the quality of sand. Since they take so much effort and time to complete, sand paintings are a highly appreciated form of art in the world.


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