The History Of Our Sand Painting

Our craft ( sand painting ) originally started by artist Y Lan whom widely credited with inventing sand painting. It all started in 2001, when she went to her husband’s hometown of Phan Thiet. On the way there, she was mesmerized by the colors of the sand dunes and decided to bring some of the sand back home to fill a flower vase. After using the sand for the first time , she came up with a great result , the different colors created a striking pattern, giving Y Lan the idea of trying to create a picture by carefully layering the sand.

Our Sand and Colors :

What started as a simple home décor item soon became a means of artistic expression, and Ms. Lan soon went back to Phan Thiet to look for different colored sands.With practice and hundreds of hours were spent to master this art and after perfecting her art over the years, she created a company with her husband in 2005 and established numerous showrooms in the country since then. To date, she is the most accomplished sand painter in the country and her most acclaimed work is a large portrait of the city.

Our Toolbox:

Making a sand painting is a combination of simple tools and painstaking technique. There are just four things in our inventory: colored sand, a transparent container for the painting, a small scoop, and a sharp stick used to pack the sand down.

Simple tools to create a startling effect


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