Wholesale Prices

We at SandAndArt are pleased to inform you about our exclusive Wholesale/Reseller Program. We are an established and proven company managed by a team with extensive experience in the manufacturing and selling Unique Personalized Sand Painting and Customized  Sand Art gifts. 

Whether you are an experienced Art, crafts and gifts shop owner looking for new products or a fledgling business just starting out in the equine field, SandAndArt is here to support and guide you through your own independent business venture. We hope you will be as proud to present our products to your customers as we are to offer them to you.

Our Wholesale/Reseller Program caters to customers who currently run or are looking to run small, medium or large storefront shops, general stores, or online stores and are interested in purchasing Our Personalized Sand Painting and Customized  Sand Art gifts from our company in large Quantities for retail resale.

If you are interested in joining our Wholesale Program, please don’t hesitate to contact us through Email: marketing@sandandart.com or by phone:

Amman-Jordan    :  00962795879967

Saigon - Vietnam :  0084778063244


Please, feel free to check out our official website : https://www.SandAndArt.com