Paint Portrait from Photo (One Face (Medium Size))
Paint Portrait from Photo (One Face (Medium Size))
Paint Portrait from Photo (One Face (Medium Size))
Paint Portrait from Photo (One Face (Medium Size))
Paint Portrait from Photo (One Face (Medium Size))

Paint Portrait from Photo (One Face (Medium Size))

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Glass Vase Shape : Horizontal-Oval 
Painting Subject :  1 Person
Size : 9.8"x11.8"

We selected these baby photo to turn to Sand Portraits in this glass vase ( 9.8"x11.8" ) . Our goal and main reason to show you how would your baby's photo could be when we turn it into amazing Sand Portrait . Our art takes hours and sometimes days to replicate any photo into Sand Portrait . YOU too can send us your baby's photo to turn it into SAND PORTRAIT. .

How to order ! ( very simple ) :

1-Upload your favorite Photo by clicking on ( CHOOSE FILE ) red button.

2-Press ( ADD TO CART ) 

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Item Description :

Babies Are The Most Innocent Gift Sent By God To Remind You The Importance of Pure Love In Your Lives.

Celebrate This Innocent Love By Gifting A Baby Portrait Made By SandAndArt  To Remember The Importance Of Love Forever.

Turn your photo into a sand painting. Get a Sand Portrait  just by uploading a photo. 100% physically hand painted into glass-frame using natural sand. By default the artist will turn your photo into a sand painting exactly as depicted. 

Upload any photo: people, dogs, cats, houses, scenery, and even abstract designs. This product is not printed or digitally made it is 100% hand-painted by only natural sand. We will create a unique sand portrait that will keep your favorite memory forever.Every artwork is truly unique guarantying 100% customer satisfaction. We are fully focused on meeting the needs of the customer.

Shipping & Refund policies

- Estimated delivery period  : 5 - 8 working days via Express ( DHl/Aramex/Fedex)
- Made just for you in 6-9  working days
- You are protected by our REFUND POLICY ... read more 



Painting Time :

Painting time normally ranges from 6-9 days. You can merge subjects from multiple photos into one painting, re-face a classic painting or different photo (for example remove things, or change backgrounds ) . We're so confident ,orders through our service get you the best result for the specifics of your order that we back all orders with our no-questions-asked 100% Money Back Guarantee.

How Exactly Do We Make The Sand Painting?

  • Your Custom Sand Painting from Photo begins once the customization (if any) are implemented by our Graphics Designing Executive assigned for you, then we send the edited image to our professional sand artist who begins making your sand portrait.
  • Our artists use a multi-layer approach to create a sensational Sand Painting.
  • We obey your love for Art, hence we use High-Quality sand, the finest grain available, to enable our artists to capture minute details and ensure the integrity and stability of our paintings so they last forever. All our sand is carefully washed, graded and purified before we begin paining and we currently have 81 distinct colors from which artists can choose to capture every detail of the original image.
  • After the painting is completed our delivery partner securely delivers your happiness package in a Controlled Environment from our workshop to your doorstep.
  • We don’t use glue to keep the sand in place. It is done by pressing the sand during the making process and securing the top with silicon.

 What Tools we are using ?

  • we are recreating photographs using painted sand of different colors. The skill and precision to make these pieces is nothing short of mind-boggling, especially when you know that we are only using a small spoon to scoop the sand into the container and pointy stick to start moving the sand to desired shape into glass container, and years of practice to create some of the most mesmerizing artwork ever.  

How Can You Use an Sand Painting?

  • Because of its shading capability, A Baby Sand Painting would make an ultimate gift for your Baby.
  • Baby Sand Portraits is the best for child portraits as they better describe the nature of a child because the sand and the colors are pure, clean and bright.
  • A Baby Sand Portrait is a must for its archival properties in your living room.
  • Baby Sand Portraits are widely preferred by folks who order from us. Flaunt a baby sand portrait in your living room and let the conversations begin!
  • Sand Paintings boast bright and saturated hues which make Family Portraits a perfect focal point in office spaces to boost productivity.
  • Sand Portraits evoke the best of a Landscape or Scenery Painting because of their lively texture, these can go perfectly in your living room.
  • Sand Portrait is a perfect Wedding Gift because of its durability which will add as an interesting element in your bedroom.
  • Our artworks  are the trendiest way of flaunting a Couple Sand Portrait Painting. Your partner would love to see your sand painting in your living room.

Best Artist Guarantee :

When you submit an order through SandAndArt ,  it gets put in front of our professional sand artists at our workshop that look at your order details so that we can select the one that specializes in your requirements.

Images on this page :

The images on this page are real customer orders and undoctored photo uploads from our artists.